Monday, August 06, 2007

It's Monday

Celtic Queen e-mailed me today and said "I can tell it's Monday because everyone here is getting on my nerves." That about sums up the day. On a happy note, though, I did manage to get caught up on all my Tivo'd shows this weekend. And what knitting did I accomplish while watching 16 hours of Star Trek?
Some Cotton Striped Socks. I'm closing in on the end of sock #2, having gotten off to a bad start which involved me forgetting what I was doing (I could have sworn those were 4 row stripes on the first sock!) requiring that I rip out after knitting past the heel. I sorted myself out, though, and am almost to the toe on these socks (which are for Dave). They are pictured here with their cones of yarn next to my normal TV watching seat (occupied by Dave at the moment -- when I'm watching TV I get the seat on account of my gimpy knees so I can elevate them when I sit). And I could tell it's Monday because I had to scrub the bathroom. I try to give myself a break on the weekends, but it all catches up on Monday. But then, the day's alreay shot, you might as well go for broke and clean the bathroom.

I'm feeling the beginnings of a bad case of Startitis coming on. I want to start a new baby sweater, or two, and maybe some mittens, and more cotton socks (maybe with cables), and then there's the lacey Leafy Heather, and the fingerless mitts, and those sweaters for a couple of small boys, and all that back to school knitting, and maybe a vest for me (with that navy tweed from Paris), and some more socks, and a cardigan for me (maybe the one on the cover of the new IK). See what I mean??? And that's just the tip of the iceburg.

Speaking of new magazines, I still have not received the new VK. I'm in a bit of a pique about it too. I just renewed my subscription at the beginning of the summer (and they cashed my check, too.) Hmmph. I suppose one missed issue in the 15 years or so I've subscribed isn't too bad (although there was the year they doubled my delivery instead of extending my subscription when I sent in an early renewal through the school's fund raiser.) I'll dig out an old issue and try to call them tomorrow.

OK, this is getting old. Is anyone else having problems publishing to their blog? I click "Publish Post" and Blogger says it's published, but when I view my blog it's not there. But when I go to "Edit Posts" at the Blogger Dashboard, there it is. I have to edit and republish and then it shows up. (Maybe. If I'm lucky.)