Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm Dragon (My) Behind

Sorry not to have blogged, but I've been preoccupied. First it was Harry, then last week I picked up a couple of books to encourage Younger Son in some summer reading. And of course I've been reading them (well, he read one too.) Both feature a dragon.
Turns out that when I was lamenting my inability to read fiction last week it was because I was reading the wrong kind of fiction. Give me a good young adult book about a dragon and I'm all over it. Huh. I'm not sure what exactly that says about me and/or whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. But it is true. I do love me a good YA fantasy book.

I was catching up on my blog reading and I came across this post by Wendy, and I thought to myself. Hhmph. How come my blog readers aren't showering me with Bohus sweater kits and sock yarn and books? I think I need to cultivate a better reading public. Ok, with the exception of the beautiful and talented Heather who wins the Still My Life, With Knitting First Annual Reader of the Year Award for gift giving above and beyond the occasion for her fantabulous birthday gift to yours truly. First of all, check out the trappings:
A knit bag! How cute is that?! And of course, the swag. There are some beautiful note cards from an artist I absolutely drool over every year at the Three Rivers Arts Festival (gonna get some frames), and some "L" stuff (I love my initial -- I'd wear the big Laverne "L" on my clothes if I thought I could get away with it), and my favorite yummy spotty alpaca yarn. I'm collecting all the colors of this yarn to make me the bestest stripey sweater ever! I am a little behind because this was from last week, but you know, I did have some dragons to deal with. And generous readers should note that gift giving is always appropriate, we're not bound by any calendar rules here at Still My Life, With Knitting.
While we're catching up, I did some yarn shopping recently. The local knit shop had a charity shopping event to benefit Annie Modesitt so I had to get something (and it was my birthday!)
I got the green and red yarn at the top to make a fairisle sweater for a green-eyed boy, the sock yarn in blues and reds to make some fairisle socks from Charlene Schurch's book, and the yummy turquoise-y mohair lace weight to make a lace scarf for someone for Christmas. (Or sooner, if I finish. Like I said, we're not bound by any calendar rules for gift-giving here.) So to spread the wealth around, I went to the other local yarn shop last weekend and got some more swag.
There's more of the yummy spotty alpaca (Greens. The discerning reader with disposable income will note that I now have the blues, the pale yellow, and the greens. That leaves the aubergine, chocolate, natural, and russet to complete my collection. I hope you're taking notes.) a kit to make some fingerless mitts (hemp/cashmere blend. Heather has already knit one of hers. Mine are chocolate brown.) and some more yarn to make yet another baby sweater. I'm trying to decide between Babies and Bears and Baby Surprise. Leaning towards the Surprise.


Celtic Queen said...

Come one buck the trend, do a Babies and Bears for a change. After all, I broke from B&B to do a peapod-esque.

Heather said...

yea!! I rock... My first cyber-award!!

Teen Knit Rock said...

I read them too! I could be a contestant. :) Well, I am knitting a bag, but a very skinny bag to fit drum sticks in... I would like to know how to make a whole for the button I am going to put on it. Please help :)