Monday, July 09, 2007

My Menagerie

There I was eating Dave's animal crackers, and I decided to sort them all out. First, there's the basics. An elephant, a horse, a camel. Two cats,
and for our fiber animals, a goat and a buffalo.But what's this? Who would have guessed they included a llama in the mix?
I think this is a moose on the left.
But this one? Your guess is as good as mine.
And this one on the left? Another stumper.
Finally I think this one is a donkey, because we already had a horse. It has kinda long ears.

Knitting you say? Yeah, I got your knitting right here.

Peapod, just needs the sleeves sewn in and buttons sewn on. I wanted to knit the buttons on as I went (that's what Celtic Queen and Heather did). But I didn't have the buttons and I just had to start knitting. I used the new Cotton Ease which I love. It's a perfect sub for Rowan's All Season Cotton. But it's heavier than the Cotton Cashmere called for in the pattern. My mistake, I thought it was All Season. So my gauge was off, and the sweater's bigger than I was aiming for. But so what? Babies grow.
Also, I finally finished this sock. Now on to its mate.


Celtic Queen said...

Stumper on the left is a bear.

Teen Knit Rock said...

I think the stumpers in order are a lamb then a bunny. Just my opinion though. OH! Have you thought of a new Friday night place yet!?!? Give the scoop!

Heather said...

Wow, peapod is gorgeous... I think it might really be a sweatpea :)