Monday, July 02, 2007

New Beginnings

I know I've been away for awhile, but I've been knitting. I finished another baby sweater. It just needs some blocking and buttons. I got some Cotton Ease in pink to make a Pea Pod Baby Set next.
But in the meantime, because I was fascinated with the construction, I've used the same yarn as the Devan sweater above (Lion Brand's Jelly Bean Stripe) to start a pair of Sidewinders. The first one fits, but very snugly. I checked my gauge, which was spot on (and they fit perfectly length-wise). I think my legs need a diet. I'm still intrigued with the construction, and wonder if making the whole top of the sock in double garter would alleviate some of the lack of stretch. I may experiment with a pair of anklets.

Two other new beginings. I started my new job today, and so far so good. I think I will be much happier there. I'll be working with two former co-workers who assure me that I'll be able to handle everything just fine. One said to me. "Well, they're not going to hand you three big projects and tell you they want them done next week." (My former job.)

It seems that our knitting group will be looking for new digs, at least temporarily. Barnes & Noble has removed us from their schedule, so we're looking for another location to welcome us. We had had some problems awhile ago, which I thought had been resolved. But apparently not. Apparently the manager was just biding his time, waiting to push us out. So when we arrived last Friday we were informed that the store had scheduled other events for the nights we meet and so we were dropped from the calendar. Without contacting us, nothing. We will meet next week somewhere (watch this blog for updates). I'm currently working on two possible locations. I don't want to tell anyone not to shop at Barnes & Noble, because they are welcoming to knitters in other locations. But NOT the Barnes & Noble at South Hills Village and definately don't shop there on a Friday night. Send destructive teenagers instead.


Teen Knit Rock said...

AHH! Tell me where to go!!! I had no idea, I was in San Diego, give me the scoop! :) hehe, I actually wanna hear. Are we contacting Borders, or not even a book store, somewhere else?? Let me know, please

Teen Knit Rock said...

Hey! I went to Thursday Knit at Bloomin' Yarns. Michelle said that next Friday she would be ok with us going there. Didi was there too- I don't know how the Borders situation is, but I hope you will be able to get us there in the end. Give updates! <<33