Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Good Read

Not much knitting going on this week, just a couple of socks. I've been spending my time reading. In preparation for the release of Harry Potter 7 and the new movie, I've decided to reread numbers 5 and 6. So I spent all last evening curled up with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. What bliss.

I've always been a reader. My first grade report card has this note from the teacher, "Laurie loves to read. All she wants to do is read all day." I've always loved books and reading. I remember long summer afternoons spent in the cool dimness of my bedroom laying on my bed reading library books. When I was older, I could (and did) stay up reading late into the night. The Borrowers, The Hobbit, Little Women, Dune; all these were summer reads. I had no worries, nothing on my mind except what the turn of the page would reveal. I remember the glorious mix of contentment and anticipation when I would head home from school on a Friday afternoon with two or three books in my bag and a weekend of reading stretching out in front of me.... For years I read only fiction, mostly fantasy and sci-fi. Sometime in my twenties I started reading some non-fiction. Now that's pretty much exclusively what I read. How did that happen? The last three fiction books I've tried to read I couldn't finish. Have I truly gotten that old? I hope not. I'll catch you up on the knitting later, I'm off to read some more.


Charissa said...

I decided to re-read all 6 of them, but alas! I have fallen woefully behind. I just polished off The Goblet of Fire last night. I'm hoping that between the 5 hr car ride today and the 20 hr train ride tomorrow, I'll be able to catch up before Saturday. I told my hubby he might luck out and not have to fight me to get to our copy of The Deathly Hallows first. I may still be on The Half-Blood Prince.

Heather said...

Truth is stranger than fiction. Was it Mark Twain that said- some thing to the effect of- The difference between fiction and non fiction is that fiction needs to be believable.- You just can't make up stuff of real life.

And I used to get in trouble, too, as a yung'un for all the time that I spent reading... but it was escape for me- in the moment and in the future, I believe it gave me enough reality to have higher expectations for my life.