Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Customer Service

Here is the e-mail I sent to Barnes & Noble Customer Service this evening:

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is [LaurieG], and my Barnes & Noble Reader’s Advantage number is XXX XXXX XXX. I give you this so you can research and see how much I’ve spent at Barnes & Noble in the past year. Almost all of it was at the Barnes & Noble at 301 South Hills Village, Pittsburgh PA (412) 835-0379. When the store at this location opened, we approached the management about having our knitting group meet there. The Community Resource Manager was happy to have us, and we began meeting regularly. Our group grew to about a dozen members. Whenever I wanted to purchase a book I specifically waited to purchase it at this location, even if it meant ordering and waiting for delivery, because they hosted our group. We all made purchases every meeting. Then the management changed. We were confronted by the sales staff who told us we would “have to clean up after yourselves before you leave. Our staff doesn’t have time.” Then the chairs in the seating area we met in were removed and replaced with uncomfortable folding chairs. Displays were moved into the area, severely limiting the space. Chairs were set up by the staff against the bookcases. When we asked about the arrangement, the staff member told us that “We’ve had numerous complaints from customers that they can’t get to the shelves,” and went on to say “You know, meeting here is a privilege, not a given.” He even went on to accuse group members of “stealing” chairs! He kept repeating “we have to consider our customers” while refusing to acknowledge that we in the knitting group were customers, and regular ones at that. I spoke to both the general manager and community resource manager, who assured me that there was no problem. However, at our last meeting we were informed by the same sales associate that we had been summarily removed from their calendar. No advance notice, even though we had gone out of our way to provide contact information. Well, if Barnes & Noble doesn’t consider me a customer, I’ll put my money where your mouth is. I met this week with a very nice manager at a nearby Border’s Books store and he is very happy to host our group. So we will be meeting there starting this week. And I’m sorry, but all that money I spent at Barnes & Noble will now go into their cash register. As well as that of my dozen or so friends. Because, after all, they host my knitting group now.


(I did use my real name and advantage card number, I just didn't want to publish it here.)

So if you're in the Friday group, you can e-mail them as well, or even if you just want to give 'em hell over kicking out the knitters. You can get all their contact info HERE.

And remember -- we're the FRIENDLY Knitters meeting at the FRIENDLY Border's Books!!


Patricia said...

I wrote my own letter and put it on my blog too...sorry to hear about this, maybe if many of us write we can make a difference..

Teen Knit Rock said...

GO LAURIE!!! You totally rock my socks, :) ~ can you maybe teach me on Friday how to make socks?? I'll bring the needles I have(not completly sure what size they are though), they have worked for me with the ipod socks, so it sound be fine for the yarn that Heather gives everyone. Can't wait for Friday, I can go! I don't have to work again until Saturday(the busiest day.) :/

Well, you just rock, and I think that was a much needed email to the manager to let him know that he has a very angry bald man running around. I honestly hope that bald man gets fired.. But you're too nice to have implied that. Maybe I will.... ;)

See you at Borders! :)

Heather said...

I wrote my letter, too, and put it on my blog. boo-hiss.

on to more important things... I am done with 50 rows of ms3! :)

Steel City Knitter said...

You go girl! I've found that letters like that often go far.

I still have to get you the rest of that yarn. I keep forgetting.

LisaBe said...

that's an awesome letter.