Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Day

Another pair of socks knitted. Yep, it's another completed project every day here at Still My Life, With Knitting. These are the Cotton Socks. Pattern coming Tomorrow! (Or thereabouts) But here are the highlights. Yarn, 8/2 cotton (unmercerized) held double -- two colors here, grey and black. Size 1 needles. Notice the toes on these -- much better, IMHO, than the blocky grafted toes on the Jaywalkers from yesterday. And the ribbing, a good way to make a nice comfortable, stretchy sock from an inelastic yarn. I'm going to wash these up over the weekend, we'll see what a trip through the washer and dryer does for them.

I'm excited for Knitting Knite tomorrow. Hopefully Heather will be able to make it. We haven't seen her in weeks. Something about not wanting to leave the kids home alone. Whatever. They were sleeping anyways. (Personally, I would have just brought my kids and made them sleep at B&N. But that's just me. My kids were the ones trying to lie down and sleep on a sidewalk in London.) I know CQ will be there, because I'm driving her. And Carly says she's coming with her new knitting friend, and hopefully we'll see Zeepo and his wife, so we should have a good crowd. Knitting, conversation, a good excuse not to be working...what more could you ask for? I know, coffee, but they have that over in the cafe.


Patricia said...

Cotton socks, how fabulous, AND without elastic! Once I finish my current project I may have to give this a go...I have never made a pair of sox, just one large holiday stocking for the man. I had always thought you needed to use wool to make a sock work so I didn't bother but now, here I come sox!

Heather said...

I plan on being at knitting tonight. The children will sleep- adequately supervised- well tonight after a visit to gma.
Coffee and cheesecake sound like a good idea after this week!

oh... and your socks all look great! bring the cotton ones for a touch and feelly thing, will ya?

Teen Knit Rock said...

I think my mother will be coming to the beehive with me, so thank you for the offer of riding on the bus with me, but I think I will be ok. Hope to see you there!