Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fast Forward to Summer

It appears that we have moved right into summer after only two and a half weeks of spring. Temps in the mid-80s today. With all due respect to you beach babies, I'm feeling kinda miserable. The transition was a little too quick, I think. Not enough time for my blood to thin out. Here is the current Sock in a Sock project. As you can see, I've turned the heel, finished the gusset and am on the long back stretch to the toe. I see CQ is trying to finagle Julia to sell her yarn to make her own Sock in a Sock socks (it works best with self striping yarn.) Speaking of which, take a look at the socks above. I wanted stripes that didn't match up. No prob, I never ever take the time to match my stripes for socks, just pull out the end of the skein and start knitting. So when I really want the mismatched stripes, what happens? For the first time in my life, two skeins are exactly matched in their striping sequence at the beginning of the skeins. Yeah, that's my luck.

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