Thursday, May 24, 2007

Best Laid Plains

Because of longer than expected commuting today, I am already at the heel of my second Jaywalker. So what will be my next carry-along project? I'm seeing an end in sight here. I have to make Older Son some graduation socks. There's also the Languishing Lopi-Like sweater (hereafter dubbed the LLL Sweater). And I need baby things. Did you see Yarn Harlot's rainbow baby sweater? $160?? No way, not when I have all that Easter Egg dye and undyed yarn laying around. Which brings me to, what about this long weekend? Sounds ripe for some dyeing to me! I might break out the hemp and maybe a t-shirt and tie one one. (Sounds bad, doesn't it?) And there's Older Son's sweater and vest I have the yarn for, and something for Younger Son, all that Noro I bought at the end of December, the navy yarn I got last summer, lace...the list goes on. And remember, I'm knitting from stash here. I think I could go another year from the stash (but I won't).


Patricia said...

Beautiful socks! Have fun dyeing this weekend-I picture you in a yard with your tie-dye on and some Dead playing in the background. With your strawberry plant nearby.

Holly said...

LOVE the Jaywalkers. I've always had a rule that sock knitting should be mindless, so I always knit the same pattern (with NO pattern) but seeing them is making me want to try it. I guess it wouldn't kill me to knit one pair of socks that requires a little bit of brain power. Have a great holiday weekend.