Friday, May 25, 2007


My neighbors are setting off firecrackers as I type, and let me tell you, that's how I feel about the upcoming long weekend. Here's the latest on the Jaywalker progress. I have shaped the heel and am starting on the gusset. I love me a good heel gusset. This sock will be put away until Monday when I go to my MiL's for the family Memorial Day cookout. I'll be working on the Cotton Socks until then. (And catching up on the TiVo watching. And maybe some Star Wars movies) Maybe I'll get both these socks done this weekend. And then what? I'm thinking some baby things, maybe.

I've been commissioned to repair an heirloom crocheted blanket that was eaten by a dog. I have not as yet seen the damaged article, nor accepted the commission. I simply said I would take a look and give my opinion. But I hear that the blanket is made up of crocheted squares and the damaged/missing portion is at the seam/edge of a square(s), so it may be fix-able. We'll see.

Finally, coming late to the party (again) I just read about the whole Kathy Sierra ordeal. I think there's something about an anonymous (or what people believe is anonymous) forum that can bring out the worst in people. And if you believe it "can't happen in the knitting community" let me tell you it can. About 10 years ago when I was just starting out in the on-line community I joined a couple of knitting mailing lists. In one of them (for charity knitting, no less!) I made a casual remark about a national charity. Unbeknownst to me, there was some behind the scenes issues going on between the owner of the list and this charity and I happened to walk into the middle of it. Let me say at the outset that the remark I made was A) True (I did my research!) and B) Complimentary (I said they were doing good work!). Well. SOMEONE at this charity decided that they didn't like what I'd said or (more likely) the forum I'd said it in and called me at my home (!) to threaten me and my family. Think about that a minute. All this guy had was my FIRST name (not even my last!) and the city I lived in so he had to actually put a fair amount of effort into TRACKING ME DOWN. Kinda scary. But it gets worse! I looked up the national headquarters of this charity and contacted them because I thought they should know what some crackpot was doing to their reputation only to be told by the woman I spoke with that yes, they knew who had called me, and that yes, he did work for them and that they stood by the threats he had made. Well, at that point I hung up and contacted the police. (And yes, the charity is still around, still purporting to do "Christian" work. Every time I see it mentioned in a knitting magazine it makes me want to throw something.) I guess my point in all this is that you can never be too careful. Be smart, don't give out too much personal information, and be ready to go to the police if necessary. I agree that when it threatens your life, your livelihood, or your safety (or your family's) it's not "free speech". And just because a forum is anonymous, that doesn't mean it's a free for all.


Donna said...

still loving that color and pattern. Must resist getting mine out and starting them!

Holly said...

I'm always late to the party too but this time I wasn't even invited. I went to that blog and still don't get it. Am I missing something I should know? Love the Jaywalkers.