Monday, May 07, 2007

Back to Reality

Well, after a lovely weekend in Maryland, it was back to work today. Maryland was great! Celtic Queen and I were there both Saturday and Sunday. Here are some highlights:

This is the line(s) for Socks That Rock. CQ waited in it, and ended up with 2 skeins. Note there are 2 lines there, one to get into the booth to see the yarn, and another one to actually pay for the yarn. I was not purchasing any STR. (They didn't have any of the colorways I wanted anyways.)
Here is the line to purchase T-shirts. I was going to wait in it while CQ was purchasing her STR, but when I saw how long it was I opted for sitting on a bench and knitting. I ended up getting alot of natural/white yarn at Little Barn with some dyeing experiments in mind. I also got some silk caps to spin and some more 8/2 cotton for making socks (it was only $6.50 a pound!!) I got some navy and gold (blue and gold are Older Son's college colors, so guess what he's getting for his graduation gift?) Also some dark green, rust, and some bright candy variegated just for me. Hmmmm, what else? Oh yeah, a 7' Tri-loom! I've been looking at them for 10 years now and finally decided to go for it. But I did not get the Schacht wheel, even though I tried one and it spins like a champ! I was sorely tempted!!
After shopping all day CQ and I were pretty tired, so we stopped and knit on some Red Scarves and relaxed.

Here's all our loot in the back of the van:

And the trip was even better because I got to see my sister and we got to stay with my best friend from high school who runs the greatest four star flop house within striking distance of MDS&W. We're already planning for next year.

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