Thursday, May 10, 2007

Greener Me

If you've been following along, you may remember that I've been taking public transportation not only to and from work this month, but also to and from my dad's. This involves two T trips and a bus to get from my dad's house to mine. The trip from home to work is one bus ride, and from work to my dad's one T ride. But because of construction and timing, the same leg of the trip that would take one T ride from my dad's normally now takes two (and will until November). But amazingly (and I may be the only person in Pittsburgh affected this way) the construction has actually helped me get home in that every bus I could possibly take home stops at the stop I'm waiting at, not just the most frequent but takes longer to get me home bus. Also, surprisingly, time wise it's a wash. I could take the bus home and drive to my dad's every day and then drive home, but I'd still get home for good at the same time. This way I save money, and I'm burning less fossil fuels. Also, I get to knit! For about an extra hour to an hour and a half a day! But it's not all good, I really miss Kai Ryssdal (Whew, I just saw his pic for the first time. I'm glad he's not butt ugly, he has such a hunky voice. This is why I don't like to see radio people.) I think this means I have to get an ipod and download the podcast to listen to on the T. But anyways, I'm feeling super virtuous and all "Earth Goddess-y" now because I'm not driving around polluting. Just don't ask me to give up the air conditioner this summer and no one gets hurt. Hey--it's not like it's whole house air conditioning, it's just my bedroom. The boys can deal with the heat, they're young.
So in that same vein, I present to you the dye I bought at MDS&W to dye all that hemp/cotton yarn I bought a couple years ago for 50 cents a skein. It's hemp! It's renewable! Yea! Soon it will be dyed red, yellow, blue, and some funky variations in between. Could be spotty! And we could do some tye-dyeing of t-shirts, too. And to end on a colorful note, here's the multi cotton I got to make socks for me. Two cones, seems perfect to me. These are manageable enough that I may make them bus knitting.

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