Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for the kind words on my latest socks. All I can think of when I look at the picture is...Gosh, I have big feet.
I have been working on my mates, too. Here's the second Jaywalker. I both love this yarn and the pattern. I think I will rework the next pair I make with my new favorite Star Toe shaping. I'm thinking Rainbow Trekking yarn, Celtic Queen. And I think I definately need to get you a skein or two of this yarn colorway for Celting socks. It is so their colors. (I told CQ last Friday, if the Celtings had a national flag, it would be these colors.) I myself am tempted to go out and buy a pair of Crocs to match in order to showcase them to their best advantage.
And the cotton socks. I included the cones with the second sock so you can see how much I have left. Do you think it's enough??? The next pair of these are going to be for Dave. And TKR you could so totally make socks. I'll show you at our next Knit Knite. (Bring sock yarn and size 1 or 2 double points.)

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Teen Knit Rock said...

THANK YOU!! You have nice feet, by the way. :) <<33