Thursday, May 17, 2007

Miss Me?

I fell asleep last night before I could blog, which is a Good Thing. I've been having trouble sleeping lately, so I'm happy and feel pretty good considering it's a Thursday. However. I finished the knitting on the Socks in Socks and was going to show you my amazing finishing off of the toes and the dramatic reveal of the completed pair. Well. I completed the knitting on the bus ride to work -- then looked up and spied my friend and fellow fiber enthusiast Beverly (I'd been so engrossed in the knitting I hadn't spotted her until then) and proceeded to have an animated discussion about knitting and crocheting over the girl sitting between us (who did not seem entirely thrilled about it) until it was time to get off the bus. I told myself the weaving in and out of ends was too fiddly for the bus, anyways.
Then I started a NEW Project at work (when I should have been doing other things like paying bills and returning phone calls) because well, that weaving of toes WAS very fiddly, and I needed something to work on on the T and bus ride to my dad's and back after work. (Jaywalkers with Trekking XXL). So when I finally got around to the poor neglected Socks in Socks I pulled them out of the knitting bag and lost a needle. After much cursing and frustration (did I mention what a B&*%$ it is to pick up dropped stitches with this technique? No room at all between the needles) I just ripped out all the needles and separated the two. Here's the Inner Sock all done.
The Outer Sock...Well, as you can see it's still a work in progress. I had to rip back quite a way to get all the stitches straightened out. But I did, and it's progressing nicely enough in it's backwards way (purling on the far needle in the round, because of the inside out construction.) I will either finish up tonight or tomorrow morning early and present to the Birthday Boy (who will be 18 at 1:17 AM precisely) first thing in the morning.

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