Monday, June 12, 2006


I went to WWKIP day and knitted away. Celtic Queen stood me up, but it was her loss. (She and the Celtings went to the zoo. It was the perfect day for it, so I can't fault her. I'm just glad she wasn't mad because I was teasing her.)

Keana did a great job organizing, I saw the red balloons and knew right where to go. There were lots of local knitters. Krista and Lea were there when I showed up, but left before I could get pics, and I met Anita and her mom and sister who got there just before I left so I didn't get pics of them either.
But, here's (l-r)Heather and Donna (who was my PGH Secret Pal. Great to finally meet you, Donna!), and Patty (along with Donna's son and daughter, who were pretty patient with the knitting stuff). Donna had some amazing socks -- her Pomatomus socks made me want to knit some myself!

Steven was there with his wife Carol who was crocheting and his black bag.

Also, (l-r) Stephie's mom (another crocheter), Stephie, our lovely, talented and very gracious hostess Keana and her daughter, another knitter.
And two other knitters, who I believe are blogless. I know the young lady on the left from the bus, I sit and knit with her and her mom every once in awhile. Her mom's the one who clued me in to the magazine with the article on knitting in Paris before I went there. (I had a picture, but apparently Blogger feels I've exceeded my picture limit for the day. Hmmph.)

So you would think from all the pictures that I fit right in and had a good time, right? Well I did have a good time, but I think I was kind of a...dork. Sorry! I'm kinda shy! "Slow to warm" is the PC way of saying it (I do really poorly at job interviews too). But anyways, if anyone's reading this, it was great meeting everyone, and I hope to meet you all again. Hopefully I'll "warm up" a bit! You're all welcome Knitting Nights at the Barnes & Noble at South Hills Village.


KeanaLee said...

Glad you came, sorry you felt badly - next year we will have a better time of it. Promise!

Patricia said...

Hi Laurie! Glad to have me you as well! I may try to pop by for a knitting night soon, thanks for inviting us all. Also, I did not come away with the impression that you are a dork. I thought you were pretty cool to have joined everyone for World Knitting in Public. KNIT ON!

Stephieface said...

It was awesome meeting you... I for one hope that we are able to get together again before next year. :D

Anita said...

Hi! Just wanted to say that it was nice to meet you. Don't worry about feeling like a dork or shy...I think we all did. It was why I brought my reinforcements (the mom and the sister) so I would feel less shy.