Monday, June 05, 2006


You know what you do when you want to lay your claim to something? Well, here's this:

It's my Booga J Bag in my bright, bright Noro Kureyon. Love the yarn, love the bag. I figured out the Kureyon, and think I could sooo copy it, just have to dye me up some colors. Anyways, back to our story. So what's a girl to do when she finds herself at the end of a skein there in the parking lot at the Post Office waiting for her husband who is taking forever in there with a yarn that's perfect for spit-joining and so expensive she doesn't want to waste a single inch of it? Yeah, I spit on it. (It's MINE, I licked it! Twice!) And it worked great, too. I figure I'm going to be washing it when I felt it anyways. But the yarn? The color repeat is longer than a skein length! Look at this. Here's a close up of the beginning. See that light pink and the purple after it? That's where Skein 1 started. Now, look at the whole bag again, above. Skein 1 ends and Skein 2 begins just after the dark blue stripe (the orange stripe). Skein 2 ends just after the next dark blue stripe. Notice there's no light pink in sight? It doesn't show up until almost the end of Skein 3 (I used most of Skein 3 for my I-cord -- it's there in the last few inches of it). And the yellow stripe you see in Skeins 1 and 2? Doesn't show up at all in Skein 3. See what I mean?
This could drive some OCD people nuts. But not me, I figured it was long enough (longer than a skein length!) to look random, so I just joined it together any old way.

Since I finished this yesterday, I cast-on some generic socks. Guy colors (ho, hum) grey and white, but at least self-patterning. I got the yarn awhile back on Elann. The color repeats seem a little wonky, but at least it's guy colors...

And Lisa? I think you missed Dave, as he was lamenting missing the Google team. He really wants to work there. (He sent his resume off via e-mail). But darn! If I had known there would be a knitter there..But then again, someone had to herd boys into the showers, since they'd never go willingly...


LisaBe said...

shuh. seriously.
i had my knitting with me, though i refrained from taking it out. mainly i was playing the vanna white of the night (no, no, that sounds naughtier than i mean for it to...let's try, the vanna white of the event), greeting people, handing out t-shirts, making small talk, directing candidates to the right people to whom to talk for real information. though you really can't look less like vanna than i do. shorter, jewier, curlier, darker-haired, and more awkward. yep, all around not vannalike at all. just basically in the responsibilities department. yeah, there's a job description for you: i had to be the spokesmodel at a happy hour. big resume builder.
anyway, good luck to dave--i hope he wins! :)

Heather said...

YUMMMMMMMMY! Boy that looks great! I thought it was just me that the colors were funky. But I think it looks better than a really regular narrow stripe, anyway. I cannot wait to see it all done up, hopefully you have an easier time attaching your i-cord than I did!hahaha.