Thursday, June 08, 2006


What's up with Blogger? It's in and out -- can't connect (Our engineers are working on the problem") then you can...So I'm going to post in quick little installments while I can.

While the initial response seems to be for the Fair Isle sampler scarf, I thought of some other projects.


All the yarn (you may recognize it, it's the same yarn I used for my Olympic Entrelac Bag) to make a Lopi-style yoke sweater.

And this:

Self-striping (at least it says so) sock yarn (but it's acrylic). I don't think anyone would wear socks from this (and the rose color? SO not the guys' thing). But I got it because it was drastically marked down at the yarn store going out of business (it was like $1.50 a skein!!) I thought I could use it for a baby sweater or something. Maybe some gloves.


Enough ribbon tape yarn to make a little summery sweater for me. I knit most of it last summer, then got distracted...But it won't fit me this summer (because I'm SMALLER) so I'll have to rip and restart.

And (not pictured) enough of a beautiful dark red wool yarn I envision as a cabled/textured sweater for me.

You see? This is no easy decision. I'm still debating. (But yeah, the scarf is out there in front.)

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