Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Socks and Physical Therapy

Here's a picture of the current sock knitting. Ho hum, grey. What a surprise! (Actually, this pic is from yesterday, for whatever reason Blogger would not allow it in yesterday's post.) I've done a bit more on it, I've turned the heel and am working down the foot. I should finish this one tomorrow. Knitting on size 1s instead of 0s sure does make the knitting go faster! I've got several skeins of this and a blue version to make socks for "The Guys". What excitement.

I got lots of knitting done because today was Physical Therapy day! Yippee! I prepared by dropping my car off at Pap's yesterday so I just took the trolley out to his place (45 minutes) then I sat and knitted during his therapy session (~ an hour). And the therapist? Totally HOT! (I just knew he would be.) I was thinking about all these sports injuries Pap keeps getting. And really, the next one has got to be the groin. But you know, a Totally HOT guy working my groin when I'm 85? I should be so lucky. (Hmm, but Pap may not think so...If he's lucky he'll get the cute blonde girl.) Seriously, though -- If you're in need of PT I can't speak highly enough of this place --- Mercy Rehabilitation Services in Bethel Park (in the HealthTrax center behind Wal-Mart on 88). Very good people (and they're all so good looking! It was like a WB show!) and they have the therapy pool and everything.

But with all of that it was a looong day again. Out the door at 6:45 AM, not home until 8:15 PM. So here I am having mixed nuts (who ate all the eggs?) and diet coke for dinner again...

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