Wednesday, June 21, 2006


And the living is easy (not). But this: "Your daddy's rich, and your mama's good-looking." I told Older Son it was written about him. He says his daddy's not rich, though. Smart kid!

To quote Han Solo, "I feel terrible." I'm suffering with a nasty summer cold. My chest feels really tight and I'm all coughy and wheezy. But the poor Younger Celting is worse off than me. He's crying and complaining of an earache. I told his mom I can relate, I feel like crying too. I took some cough medicine (can't take any decongestants, I'm allergic to all the good ones, bummer) and had a hearty dinner (we're going on the feed a cold theory here), got into bed, and I do feel a little better. I'm hoping to be over the worst by the weekend.

And I did get a bit of knitting done last night, I worked on my scarf, finishing up a motif. Now I'm trying to decide on the next one. I think the colors are going to be chocolate brown and red. I saw a woman get on the bus last week wearing all dark brown and carrying a bright red purse. It's not a color combination I would have chosen, but I kinda liked it. So I want to explore some possibilities.

Happy Summer Solstice to all, and try to be safety conscious while frolicking about the bonfires.

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Patricia said...

Happy (belated) Summer Solstice to you as well Laurie! Is this an "on" week for the Friday knit-together? I might be able to make it this week.