Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So I've been having these conversations with myself that go something like this:
Me: You should be cleaning.
Me: I know, I know. I'm just so tired.
Me: But Dave and Younger Son are gone for the week. Now's your chance to get rid of their stuff.
Me: Yeah, but Older Son will just narc on me when they get back.
Me: Get off your butt and start moving stuff upstairs.
Me: Well, but I'm knitting. You know, that's kind of like cleaning. If I knit up all this yarn, it won't be just laying around anymore.

You see where this is headed. So here's my current bus knitting.

If I knit up all this sock yarn I won't have to put it away ;)

And that's almost like cleaning, right?

And here's an extra bonus. When I was putting this sock up, one of my needles flew off and landed behind my nightstand. When I went in search of it I found this.

The pattern I borrowed from Celtic Queen to make my Olympic Bag. I'd had absolutely NO idea where it had gotten to. CQ asked me about it and I was kinda vague ("Oh yeah, I keep forgetting it. Heh, heh") and changed the subject quickly (So, how're those socks coming?"). Now I can return it and spare myself all the abasement and offers to buy a new pattern, etc.

Finally, another conversation I had with Older Son when we were at the movies as part of his month-long 17th birthday extravaganza.

Me:Sipping OS's gargantuan "won't' make it through a feature length film without having to go to the bathroom" Sprite.
OS:Ostentatiously wiping off the straw after I put the drink back.
Me:What? I'm your mother. You can't share with me? You came out of me!
OS: Yeah, well that was a long time ago. You've changed since then.

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Donna said...

Apparently I have not changed to much yet. My kids both let me have bites of their ice cream cones last night. Hehe