Friday, June 23, 2006

I Don't Understand

I got this from Holly. Here are some things about this world I just don't understand:

*We can put men on the moon, but we still can't come up with diet food that has no calories, fat, or carbs but tastes just like chocolate cake.

*It costs more to make my own sweaters (or sew my own clothes) than to go and buy them at Wal-mart.

*People will believe whatever the spin-doctors tell them even in the face of evidence to the contrary and even though they know it's just political spin. Hello?


*Celebs who whine and complain (and are down-right mean and nasty) about "the price of fame". This is a surprise to them? Puh-lease! It's part of the job, why you get paid the big bucks. You should have chosen a different career.

*I'm still doing laundry and vacuuming the same way my mother did 35 years ago. Scientific progress?

So what don't YOU understand?

I'm still sick. I called the doctor today. The conversation went like this:
Appt. Secretary: The next available appointment is July 11.
Me: Well, I would like to see the doctor about some non-pressing issues, but I have this really bad chest cold right now. Today I've been having a problem with some shortness of breath.
Appt.Secretary: You could call back and try to get an emergency appointment, but you have to call early in the day, there are only so many appointments reserved for emergencies. You can try calling in again and see if you can get one for today...
Me: ?? I'm at work right now, I couldn't possibly get there in less than an hour. What about tomorrow?
Appt. Secretary: Well, there are some appointments for tomorrow, but you'll have to call in really early because there are only a few because the doctor's only here until noon.
Me: ??? I can't get down for an emergency appointment right now??
Appt. Secretary: No, you have to call in tomorrow morning, early.

So I'll be Dialing for Doctors early tomorrow morning and if that fails, on Monday morning. If I'm still not successful I'm going to ask that the doctor just call me in a prescription for an antibiotic, and I can just follow up with him in July (which I don't think the woman on the phone set up anyways.)

So, I'm coughing too much to knit alot. Just a bit on the bus. Bleah.


Celtic Queen said...

Under things I don't understand, we can locate a stolen car within feet due to GPS but the government still loses soldiers.

And your conversation with the Appt lady sounds like our pediatrician's office. My call went like this:

CQ: I'm calling because my youngest son is covered in hives.

AS: Are you sure? Are they red welts?

CQ: No they are more along the lines of red bumps like heat rash. Same kind of hives I get from contact with something I'm allergic to.

AS: Those aren't hives dear. And you say he's been running a fever and has a cold? It's a virus and like the Dr. says the skin is an organ too. It will react to the virus. Just keep an eye on him and call us if it gets worse.

Note: I never classified my "rash" as hives, a qualified doctor did that. I am also well aware that the skin is the body's largest organ and subject to strange reactions (I am the Ultra Fair girl).

Why do these nurses guard appts with their lives? Can't I just come in and have a Dr. say "Use an oatmeal bath to soothe any itching and wait it out." on the low end or "We're going to need to give you some steriods for THIS." Isn't that why the Dr. went to medical school? Isn't this why most doctor offices won't call in perscriptions any more? Why do we have to be bleeding out the eyeballs to see anyone anymore?

Heather said...

A good response seems to be, "I prefer to discuss my situation privately with the doctor."

Not that I should have to give any response other than I think I (or a loved one) need(s) to see the doctor.

hollyboc said...

Right. That's one of the things I don't understand. Our lousy health care. And they wonder why people show up at the emergency room for a cold. Grrr.... (Oh, LOVE the scarf!)