Monday, April 03, 2006

Isle of Aran

Here's a photo of the Aran sweater I'm making for the Elder Celting:

I swatched Thursday night thru Friday lunch. I then ripped it out and started in on the sweater so no pics. There were a few contenders for the center section, but I really like this Celtic Braid (BGW #3, p. 86, iirc). I knew I wanted flanking 4 st cables (notice they mirror image each other, I always do this for Arans, I think it's a nice detail.) I knew I wanted at least 10 sts in seed stitch at each side, so I decided I wanted a 10-15 stitch cable. I like this plaited cable (BGW #1). The Celtic Braid was a bit of a struggle, as it was only charted (I've stuck pretty much to written out directions, this was the first time I've only had a chart). So it took me a couple of tries to get it right. Anyways, the sweater is about a boys size 10. No ribbing on the bottom, I knew there'd be enough knits and purls to stabilize the edge, and I was going for a more modern look. The fit is a bit close, I'll have to try it on the boy, but I think I'd add another 5 sts in seed stitch to either side if I was making it again. The sleeves will have just the plaited cable flanked by 2 four stitch cables, then seed stitch. I like to have the sleeves refer back to the body rather than incorporate new patterns there. Just a personal preference. I should finish the back and start a sleeve tomorrow. I have the two skeins of yarn, so if I get the back and a sleeve from one skein I'll know I'm good.

Dave and I went out Friday night, and I saw this when I walked out the door.

I'm taking it as a sign that I'm meant to win the $174 million Powerball.


hollyboc said...

Wow... Gorgeous Aran. LOVE it.

Yvonne said...

Wow! I love the Aran, Laurie!!! That is just AWESOME!!!

LisaBe said...

where's the pattern for that aran? i have some boys who need gifts this fall and winter!

Celtic Queen said...

You do know that I will be winning the powerball. :) But seriously, you do understand that younger Celting will desire a related Aran. And you've stolen my idea for this winter. :)