Thursday, April 13, 2006

Almost There

I'm just about done with the second sleeve.

My regular bus home broke down, so I had an unexpected knitting opportunity while I waited for the next one. After all was said and done, I ended up with an extra hour of knitting time. The only problem was that standing and knitting while holding my bag put a knot in my back. But what's a bit of pain when there's knitting to be done? It looks like I'm going to finish in time. I only have a few rows to finish up in the morning, then I have to put it all together and knit the neckband. I hope I have enough yarn to make a fold over collar, that's what I'm envisioning here.

I may have to spend some time doing yard work at my mother-in-law's. Older Son took care of it last year (she paid him, which I objected to but got overruled on by all involved) but he says he doesn't want to do it this year. Anyways, I told Dave it was just wrong that a woman who has three grown sons living within a few minutes drive should have to pay someone to take care of her yard. So guess who's been volunteered? Me and my big mouth! (But I still say I'm right!) So I'll check with her in the morning. Younger Son may come with me and help. Older Son is going to be working on the yard here (which used to be my job) and he won't get paid for it either.

I'm contemplating purchases at MDS&W. I've been talking about getting a Tri-Loom for several years now. This could be the year! I keep saying I'm going to make my own, but decided that if it didn't get done before I went I would buy one. I think Younger Son's summer job may be weaving shawls and wraps on the Tri-Loom and my rigid heddle. Maybe we can sell them on E-Bay. Hmmmm. My own little sweat-shop right at home.

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