Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well, I've finished the front of the Celting sweater, and started on sleeve two. Here's the picture to prove it.
I'm hoping the neckline works out okay. I had problems with the neckline on the last Aran I designed so I'm a little nervous about it. Hopefully I can finish the sleeve by Friday and I'll have Saturday for finishing.

I was hoping to get this sweater done and take a bit of a break from deadline knitting, and focus on getting the house and yard in order. You know, a bit of spring cleaning all around. All I had on the books was the Red Head sweater which I would like to get done for Older Son for his birthday next month. I'd like to make him a pair of socks too, so that meant finishing up the ones I'm working on for Younger Son and then making a pair for OS. Not too bad, I could make it work in a month. I got an e-mail today from my sister. She wants a baby sweater set for a gift. She'll need it when I see her for MDS&W. Three and a half weeks. Then just two weeks until OS's birthday. I'm knitting to deadlines again.

I watched the new Ten Commandments. Ehhh. I have to say I didn't care for it. Not a patch on Charlton Heston.

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