Monday, April 10, 2006

Star Struck

I met Yarn Harlot and we did the whole mutual blog thing

and I think my picture broke her camera.
No really, I did get to meet Stephanie, who was extremely funny and charming and very gracious to all of us. I don't think she'll remember me at all.
Just look at her, she's so cute! And Heather looked really great too. I look like the dork that I am. Oh well, you can't make a silk purse... Anyways, I think I may have gushed too much. I tried not to, but some leaked out anyways. Afterwards, Celtic Queen, Heather and I went to Gullifty's for dessert. It was great! I think we all had a good time. There were a few bumps though -- I got lost driving there and then thought I lost my car key (but it was in my other pocket DUH!). So yeah, I looked like an idiot. Let's just chalk it up to being star-struck shall we? It helps me to imagine it as an isolated incident. (No, no, I'm not in denial at all!)

And I completed the first sleeve of the Celting sweater with yarn to spare! I'm working on the front now.

I'm just past the armhole shaping. I'm pretty confident I'll get it done, especially since I'll have Friday off.


Heather said...

Um, especially since I want to be like you, I don't think you are a dork. But you do have a lot of knitting to do in 3 weeks. So, maybe just a little crazy. But crazy is good...makes us appreciate sane. :)

Yvonne said...

Hey! I saw you there!!!