Wednesday, April 12, 2006


First off, here's the progress on the current sleeve:
(Maybe not. Blogger seems to be objecting to photos this evening. We'll wait a bit while I blather on and see if anything develops.)
(Hurray! Blogger has relented!)
It looks like more progress than there really was, because I'm working up from the shortest rows. I'll slow down a bit tonight as the rows get longer.

Yvonne, I was wondering if you were there last Friday just today! I was a bit disappointed that Team PGH wasn't mentioned. If you see me again speak up! (You might if you're at MDS&W -- and I'll be there all by my lonesome.)

Oh, and since I was listing deadlines yesterday, here's a new one. I have to attend a christening on the 23rd, and I want to present the baby with a christening shawl. But I have a trick up my sleeve there -- the pieces of the shawl are already knit, I just have to put them together. But still, it's another deadline. (One step forward, two steps back.)

So I'm thinking about the baby sweater I have to make. I have some Cotton Tots in appropriate colors in the stash. (And look at the numbers over there on the sidebar, I have to use up some stash!) I'm thinking something along the lines of the 5HBS or EZ's Favorite Baby Sweater. I briefly considered the little dress, (I still have that pink yarn) but I think it would be too much knitting for the time window I have.

I saw another rainbow today! I'm thinking Powerball. Just think of all the stuff I could get a MDS&W with a couple of million....

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