Thursday, March 30, 2006


Some random shots from around the house. First up is Younger Son's Czech Mouse, apparently staring out of the window. Yearning to be free? Contemplating the stained glass? He was a souvenir from Czechoslovakia YS's aunt brought him after traveling there for business. I found him here like this when I returned from work today.
Next up some flowers! I actually have flowers blooming in my yard! My neighbors were out doing yard work and making me look and feel like the slacker I am when I got home today. All I did was take a picture. (Their daffodils are blooming next door, which made me check on mine -- no blooming yet, but I counted another bud, that makes 10!) I also took a picture of part of the stash -- the part in the garage (which I'm not showing here). I'm contemplating taking part in "Flash Your Stash" on the 1st. I visited the stash because I came home from work and was literally on my way out to buy some yarn to make the Elder Celting a sweater for his birthday when I realized I did NOT need more yarn (Ok lady, step away from the yarn, and no one gets hurt). I literally turned the car around and drove home. (I think I deserve a freaking medal!) I remembered I had some yarn in the stash from which I could make a nice Aran sweater for said Celting (I was going to make Scandinavian sweater). And here it is:
Vintage Fisherman's wool from the garage stash. I also found some nice vintage Nature Spun. Enough for some felted slippers or mittens.

For now though, it's the Olympics all over again. I have to design and knit an Aran sweater in 16 days (that's when the party is). Obviously, it's not going to be a surprise.

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Celtic Queen said...

How appropriate since your first sweater was an Aran for me!!! I know he'll love it. Just remember to build in the room for the spring and fall growth spurts. He's been eating me out of house and home lately...

BTW, I'll have to get you a Starbucks or cheesecake or something for turning the car around. I'm so proud.