Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Polls and More Spinning

I was polled today. I think this makes the third time I've been polled politically. It was a "random" survey (so the earnest young man on the other end of the line said) and I was the lucky recipient on the basis that I was the person in the houshold over eighteen who was having the next birthday. So they got my liberal political views. Dave commented from the background about how different the answers would be if he was the one being polled. Yes, we do indeed have a mixed marriage. Although really, Dave was not nearly so outwardly conservative 20+ years ago. Conservatives are sneaky like that. Oh well, I had the lucky birthday!

Here's my work for the day. I woke up early this morning and so had a few minutes to spend spinning before leaving for work, and I spun some more while watching the evening news. It was enough to fill the spindle and start on a second spindleful. I skeined up the first spindleful on my niddy and will steam it tomorrow morning when Older Son puts on the kettle for his morning oatmeal. This skein is about 85 yards. I'll weigh it and what I have left tomorrow and try to calculate how much yarn I'm going to get.

Did you see? Yarn Harlot is coming to town. I'm planning on being there, so introduce yourself if you see me! I tend to be a bit shy in public, so bear with me. CQ will be with me (I think) and she's much more outgoing.

Not much else of note. (Unless you count the fact that I've mastered my recordset object at work. Well, kinda. I need to output it and my initial research says I can't, so I'll have to look further.)

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