Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh Joy Oh Happy Day

Guess what day tomorrow is? Yes, it's Garbage Day! My favorite day of the week! Feel free to make light of my situation, I can assure you it's been the subject of many jokes at work this week. Apparently I do not do very well at leaving my personal problems at home.

So Blogger had some big burp or bout of indigestion or something today. I almost didn't get to send you this entry. The first three times I tried to access the admin side of the blog I got a message saying Blogger was experiencing technical difficulties. So I finally went to the Status Page and it said something to the effect that all the blogs had been moved from the "bad server" and that if there were still problems republishing and clearing your browser cache would help. So I was trying to refresh and couldn't find the "browser cache" to clear it. I called downstairs to Dave, who didn't want to be bothered and said he couldn't hear me. To which I replied "That's ok, I'll just mess around with it and hopefully I'll get it right!" He was up here within minutes. (Having had experience with this attitude on my part before -- the most spectacular of which involved me taking a sledge hammer to the walls in what is now Younger Son's room.) Obviously I got it sorted out.

I got the Spring/Summer VK. Ehh. I like the skirt on the cover

I even like the corset

Not that I'm likely to wear either one, but I could see myself making them. But the bikini? I don't think so. And besides, that whole lingerie thing was so done by Knitty already.

Some of the sweaters were cute, and I can even see me (maybe) wearing them (ok, I'm in denial about my figure. If I had the shape for them I would.)

I tried to insert pictures, but couldn't -- apparently Blogger is not over its bout of indigestion yet. All of them were short sleeved fitted sweaters, though. If you have the mag #s 3, 6, and 29. I'd do 3 in a solid color, though. It looks putrid in the stripes they show it in. I also really like the tank dress but can't even stretch my denial into thinking I could wear it. (Oh and note that crinolines are apparently "in" -- I can just see me sashaying about the office in those!)

But here's my gripe about summer sweaters, I am so sick and tired of looking at big boxy cotton sweaters that I think I'm going to barf. Why oh why can't someone make a cotton sweater that FITS, for crying out loud. And why do we have to have just these so-called "Summer" sweaters anyways? Jeez, I knit wool sweaters year round. It's not like I'm going to finish any of these sweaters this season anyways. Ok, ok, I'll get off the soap box before I fall off and hurt myself.

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