Saturday, October 01, 2005

I Got Yarn

In the mail today. It's from She Ewe Knits and it's the kit to make the Windsor Waistcoat. I still say the model looks eeriely like Older Son. That's who the waistcoat will be for, at any rate. So the question now is, do I knit this first or the sweater that I got the yarn for at MS&W? And if I make both of those, what about Younger Son? I think I may have enough Fisherman's Wool somewhere to make him an Aran....I can design it myself. But of course, that will make two Arans I've designed for YS*, and not a single for OS, who is practically the poster child for Celticness. Sigh It will be a struggle, but I'll just have to suck it up and knit more.

After working until noon (and getting alot done) I met up with Sara and the boys and we all went to a local farm for their Fall Festival. We had a great time! The weather was perfect! We went on a hay ride, got lost and found again in the corn maze, and picked pumpkins. I got a few little things for my secret pal, some fresh apple cider, and I found the perfect wine to go with Thanksgiving dinner. It's from the Arrowhead Wine Cellars (a local company) and it's called 'Spiced Apple'. We tasted it, and it tastes like autumn in a bottle! I got two bottles. I can't wait until my sister tastes it. Unfortunately I have no pictures from the farm, since I left my camera at home. I asked Sara to take one of the boys after OS conquered the corn maze, but she had used up all her memory on shots of her own children -- can you believe it??!! But I'm hoping she updates her blog so I can steal some.

*I named it the Baby Love Aran and knit it for him when he was two. It's around here somewhere, I'll have to look for it and post a pic.

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