Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Baby, It's Cold

Inside! I, like Yarn Harlot have not turned on the heat yet. So it's pretty dang cold chez moi. Especially since we had snow yesterday morning. Snow! The boys are not as excited about it as I am. We've been spending the evenings huddled together on my bed, under the covers, watching TV (It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was on last night). But, I'm determined to hold out until at least November 1. I did the math, and every day I go without heat saves me $7. That'll buy the yarn for a pair of socks! The big excitement last night was that it was cold enough to see our breath downstairs.

Knitting Knight!

Stacy was there. And Sara was there.

Sara knit a Hallowig.

I've been toying with the idea of knitting one and wearing it as my winter hat.Here I am looking like the World's Biggest Dork in it. (And disturbingly like my Least Favorite Sister!)

Then This Little Cutie tried it on and it was the general concensus that it looked much cuter on her than on me. So she got to take it home.

And (Drumroll please)

Stacy finished her first project! It's a scarf for her husband, and she cast-off and everything! Hurrah! Three Cheers!

I'm seaming Sports Team II, but in the meantime have cast-on some socks for bus knitting (and Socktoberfest). Pictures anon. Right now I must go and take my Pollo con Arroz (it's actually Pollo sin Arroz right now, since I made the arroz separately and haven't combined them yet) off the stove and put it in the refrigerator so Younger Son can take it to school tomorrow. And just when did the little (there's a noun here somewhere, I just haven't decided which one I want to use yet) let me know that I was expected to cook this dish for everyone in his class? Why, just ten minutes after I had gotten undressed and settled into bed for the evening.

Hollyboc asked about Sports Team II:

I love the sweater! Did you put the letters on in duplicate stitch or did you knit them in?

I knit them in in a combination of fairisle and intarsia techniques. I carried the yarns, exchanging them as in fairisle while knitting the letters themselves, but only carried the pattern yarn (the yellow) for the part of the row the letters were in, like intarsia. I had to twist at the color changes every row at the beginning of my lettering to prevent holes, but after that I carried one yarn in each hand like I do for fairisle. Make sense?

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hollyboc said...

We haven't turned our heat on yet either but we're staying warm with those oil filled electric heaters. (they do throw out some serious heat) We're probably just trading the price of electricity for the price of gas but my husband said he'd rather give the money to the electric company! He's unhappy with the gas company :-) I'm not sure I completely understand your fair isle/intarsia thing. I did a fair isle sweater for my oldest daughter about 18 years ago so I do understand that concept... it's intarsia that I'm fuzzy on.