Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Not Tonight Dear

I have a headache. A doozy. I took some ibuprofen so hopefully all will be well in about 20 minutes or so. If nothing else I'll be drowsy enough to get some sleep.

I heard from Dave today. Yeah! He sounded tired. He says that they got the mill to work, albeit briefly. But they were so far behind schedule that the governor blew them off. That they got it to work at all was because Dave pulled off something of a minor miracle to bring it about. (Seriously. He need numbers to make the thing work and no one was giving them to him. So he guesstimated some. His co-worker refused to have any part of it and had packed his stuff up to go back to the hotel. So imagine everyone's amazement when it really worked!) But then some flunkies messed with stuff and they broke it again. Nonetheless, Dave says there was a celebration with fireworks. And it was something of a media event, Dave says there were television cameras and photographers in his office taking pictures. He did not see himself on TV or get a newspaper with his picture in it, though. I told him all the articles probably read something like "Mill Opening Delayed Due to Stupid American" with his picture. "Yeah, probably," he said. Then he said he would probably have to go out on the mill floor to adjust things himself, which worries me. I think I told him about six times to be careful. Oh, and when I tried searching for the news story about the mill opening all I found was the story about how three men were killed and five more burned when molten steel was spilled in another mill. This did not reassure me in any way.

Knitting News
Up to the neck shaping on the first front of Sports Team II. Not really exciting. So here's another older project.

This is Lion Brand's 'Artful Afghan'. In the original colors. I knit it over the course of a couple of months of bus knitting. This was a great bus project, the blanket made a nice pouch to hold the yarn. I bought the kit for it, and ended up having to get more of the last 2 colors, but had lots left of everything else. I like it well enough, but it's a favorite of Younger Son. That's his head on the left, he's sleeping under it here. In the winter he takes it to bed with him and sleeps with it. Who wouldn't be pleased with that?

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