Thursday, October 13, 2005

My Favorite Yarn

First off, here's Older Son and his fudge. You can see he's proud. He says it was a big hit at school. I'll bet there's a smart girl out there who knows what a catch a guy who can cook is. Younger Son and I have decided that he gets to make it again for Christmas.

Spiders have made their presence known in our house, just in time for Halloween. (Does anyone else notice lots of spiders in the house in the fall?) Both boys have been frightened by big spiders (they want to believe it's the same spider, but I pointed out there could be a hundred of them. They were not amused). Last night Younger Son fell asleep next to me and woke up screaming saying there was a big spider on him. I thought he dreamed it but he insisted he didn't. He flung it off somewhere and no one else saw it. Tonight Older Son started screaming while taking his shower and we all saw the big spider on the shower curtain. (I had to dispose of it. It was pretty dang big.) No time to take pictures, what with OS standing there all naked and still screaming and YS shouting that it was the same spider that was on him! It was! So I grabbed it with some tissue and flushed it (I can't stand squishing bugs, that exoskeletal pop is too much for me). Yecch.

Anyways, still knitting Sports Team II. So I thought I'd share with you my favorite yarn. Here it is, in all it's glory.It's Red Heart Kaleidoscope, now sadly discontinued. Kind of a second cousin to Mexicana, but way better. Yeah, I know, it's freaking Red Heart, but I love it! I love the jewel tone colors; I love the short color repeats; I love that it's a nice smooth yarn with no texture to interfere with the colors ('cause it's all about the color, baby); I love that it's a nice worsted weight that will work up quickly but isn't so bulky that it's like knitted foam rubber; I love the muddy color changes and how you get one stitch that's some funky color in between; I love that the color sequence doesn't exactly repeat, sometimes purple is followed by yellow, sometimes by blue; and I love that the color changes are blotchy and steaky. The only real project I made with it was a 5HBS for our god-daughter, and I have to tell you it looked fabulous. The colors were very rich. I put some simple gold buttons on it, and it just looked like a million bucks. I still have a couple of skeins laying around somewhere, maybe enough to make a sweater for me. Maybe someday I'll knit it all up.

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Donna said...

Hi Laurie

I found your blog on the pittsburgh secret pal blog. I just wanted to say I love the red heart too! It's nice to see another knitter enjoys it as well.