Monday, October 31, 2005

Dave's Ding

It's Dave's Birthday today! I heard from the birthday boy himself:

Here is a picture of me with my ding. The Chinese characters say this is a replica of a Yin dynasty ding, which is a regional treasure of AnYang and the Henan province.

Xiao Yong gave me this Ding as a birthday present last night, after I played the grand opening show at the new HaiXin (HighSince) shopping mall, where his new restaurant is.

The other performer is playing some kind of traditional Chinese instrument that sounds like an oboe.

I found out a 'ding' or 'fang ding' was originally a cooking pot (cauldron), and was later used as a ceremonial offering vessel for food and wine, and there have been several excavated in burial sites in the area around Anyang. Dave's ding is a replica of one of the latter.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

We had a birthday celebration for Dave here. (That's Dave on the phone in the lower right.) We called him last night, which was this morning for him to wish him Happy Birthday on his birthday. We had Chinese food and the cookie cake you see here.

We had General Tso's chicken (among others), which is Dave's favorite. Dave says he can't get it in China, or really any 'Chinese' food.

And the Post Office lied to me! Dave did not get his Global Priority package in 4-6 days as promised. I sent it way back on the 19th and it still hadn't gotten there as of last night when I spoke with Dave. Maybe he got it after work, but I haven't heard anything so I doubt it. Hmmmph!

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