Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I've Been Around...

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting much for the past week. Well, I've been around -- I've just been...busy. You may remember I bought that new book. Well, it's number 11 in a series. So me being the freak that I am, I have to start reading the series again at the beginning and read to the end so I can read the new book. So that's ummm ten books. And they're all over 500 pages (some considerably over). Yeah, so that will take me awhile. (But I'm well into book 2 now.) Older Son is reading the new book now. He put it aside in disgust because until I get to it he won't have anyone to discuss it with. It drives him crazy. You should have seen him with Harry Potter this summer. I thought he was going to explode. I had to make arrangements for him to get together with someone who had read the book so he could talk about it and let off some steam.

Knitting News
Speaking of Harry Potter, Younger Son would not be Harry for Halloween. Look at this kid.
Now I ask you -- does this kid look like Harry Potter or what? And what a handsome handknit sweater he's wearing. (I took this and the HP scarf I'd knit to the book premier which happened to be on our regular knitting group night. I had three offers to buy it. It's knit from Wool Ease in the now discontinued color of Burgundy Sprinkles and Maize (?) for the 'H'.) I even have a long black 'wizard' robe for him to wear. No. Not interested. He was a Ninja. (For the third year in a row.) Kids.

Still no package delivery in China. Four to six days my eye.

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Jean said...

Delivery to China -- relax, I'd say, it won't get there for a while, but eventually it will. They tend to hold things in some sort of Chinese limbo for several weeks, to ripen them.