Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Birthday Party

Younger Son's birthday celebration was a success! Here's Younger Son and Older Son at the movies:

And here's the cake: and a couple of shots of the blowing out of the candles:
This one's a great action shot. And here's YS showing off the sweatshirt his big brother made for him for his birthday.

In Knitting News I'm still knitting black socks. I hope to finish soon. I have to make at least one more baby thing by December 11 when I will go to the baby shower for my God-Daughter. We know the baby is a girl. I want to make a blanket. I'd like to knit one like the Lion Brand 'Artful Afgan', except in shades of pink. But I don't think I'll have time. (What am I saying? I KNOW I won't have time!) So I'm undecided. Crochet would be quicker...I dunno. I'd also like to make a little red and white dress for the little babe for Christmas. I'm thinking a red plushy yarn with white fur accents. I already have a little pink hooded sweater for her.

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