Saturday, November 12, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my baby!

He's twelve today.

We plan to celebrate by going to the first showing this morning of Wallace & Grommet - Curse of the Were-Rabbit and then going out for lunch (his choice of movie and restaurant). This evening we will take pizza to my Mother-in-Law's and celebrate with the family.* I got him the Bionicle 3 movie along with a Bionicle from the movie. The poor kid is convinced he's getting nothing for his birthday because I took him out shopping with me last night and he didn't see me buy anything (yeah, I'm that good). I told him I'm giving him half a pair of socks. I finally had to tell him I really do have a gift for him before he went to bed because he was so upset.

Parent Teacher conferences went ok yesterday. Actually better than I expected. (Going in I viewed any outcome that didn't involve me being escorted from the building as a success.) Younger Son's teachers all say he's very intelligent, and that he would have A's if he would just complete his assignments (If only he would use his powers for good!) I pretty much told them I am at my wit's end with getting him to do work and we discussed some strategies to implement. Older Son's teachers all love him. Almost every teacher told me he should make a career of that subject. This is great news to me as just a few years ago I was in the same position with him as I am with YS. I refused to bow to the pressure from his teachers (and some family members) to take responsibility myself for his schoolwork. I insisted that it was HIS responsibility and if he chose not to do the work he could suffer the consequences. And consequences there were. He had straight A's this grading period. I feel vindicated.

*I have not been best pleased with Younger Son lately as he has not been completing his homework and his grades show that. He currently has no privileges. I think my MiL stepped in because she was afraid I view a Birthday Party as a privilege. I was up in the air about it. But since she offered I now have no qualms about telling YS the only reason he's getting a party is because his grandmother is giving him one.

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hollyboc said...

Cute kiddo. He looks exactly like identical twins that my daughter went to school with. And I don't know what it is about boys and homework. My son nearly drove me insane in school. Now that he's in college, he'd doing well though. There's hope!