Monday, November 07, 2005

Ding Redux

I found out today that Dave's ding is a si-mu-wu ding. The original is really big! Much bigger than Dave's ding. And it's a Yin dynasty ding. So he has a little si-mu-wu yin ding. Hee hee. I think I giggled about this for about 15 minutes at work today. My co-workers were beginning to worry about me. Seriously though, this ding is an important Chinese artifact from the Bronze age. I hope Dave gets to see the original during its brief visit in the city of Anyang. Still no word on the package yet.

More Autumn pics:
The weather here is pretty fine. I'm hoping now (and thinking it is very possible) to go all month without turning on the heat. It will be pretty warm here this week, so I have until the 14th covered. Then I really only have to hold out until the 22nd, when Boys and I will be off to Florida for Thanksgiving. We won't be back until the 30th and that will be all month. That would be a big savings for me. We'll see.

Knitting News:
Nothing to report! I forgot my sock so could not knit on the bus today. I had Sports Team II, so spent my commuting time sewing seams, Ho Hum.

And I knew you'd get it when I showed a picture, Holly!

Still reading book 2 of 11 (in case you were wondering).

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