Saturday, November 19, 2005

News From China

Dave sent the following pictures of his birthday party in China:
Dave's onstage with his birthday cake (he's wearing makeup for Halloween), and another Halloween perfomer (with better makeup).

Here's Dave's latest missive:
Many people in Anyang want to learn English, but very few know more than a few phrases. A few days ago I ran into an English teacher for a local school, and she asked if I would speak to her students, so they could hear a native English speaker.

Thursday, some students and parents met with me in a conference room at the hotel.
I showed them photos of my family and our activities on my laptop, and I came across a pretty picture of a friend, Cathy, on her wedding day. The teacher made the
students repeat the words bride and bridegroom, then I told them how I met Cathy.

I arrived to play guitar at a club in Roanoke Virginia, when I saw many people dancing an active, athletic dance that I had never seen before. I asked someone there, Mike, what these people were doing, he replied “swing dancing”, and he asked Cathy to teach me a few steps.

I have since spent a lot of evenings learning swing dancing with these folks (in the basement of the Holy Spirit Church on Merriman Street), and although I have never become particularly good at it, swing dancing is almost too fun to be legal. This from a guy who is still learning to walk.

Back in China, the teacher asked me to demonstrate what swing dancing was, and I managed to demonstrate the basic step. All the students had to try it out, so imagine eight giggling fourteen year-old Chinese girls chanting “triple-step, triple-step, rock step”. I wish I got a photo, but it was over too quick.

I included a picture of a Chinese street walking street ( no cars allowed),

a chef slicing my Peking Duck,

and a street vendor near the hotel.


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