Thursday, November 03, 2005

Someone Call the Fashion Police

I actually left the house and was halfway up the block this morning before I looked down and saw this (reenacted here):

It's a bit dark, but if you look carefully you will see that I am wearing two different shoes! The shoe on the left is very dark brown, and the shoe on the right is black. I wanted to wear my black shoes. What can I say, it was dark when I was getting dressed. Obviously both shoes have the same heel height, as I was walking around in them before I left and didn't notice anything out of whack. Good thing I noticed before I got to work.

I bought more yarn today. I can justify this because I still haven't turned the heat on. I've gone 4 days past my initial goal date, so that's 28 extra dollars I've saved (at least!). Which coincidentally is the amount I spent on yarn today. And no, I didn't try to. It just worked out that way. It's Kismet, I tell you. Nothing more about the yarn though, because it's a gift for my secret pal (well, some of it is, anyways). More fall pics!
These are the trees outside my dad's apartment building. They were in their full Autumnal glory when my mom first saw the apartment and I think they were one of the reasons she decided to move there!

This next picture is a bit blurry because I took it as I was driving down the road. But I loved the way this little red tree seemed to glow on the hillside. The blurriness just adds a sense of movement to the picture.

First off the Celtic Queen says:
Halloween socks are better than Fruity Pebbles socks.
Well, you know I love you CQ but really. Look at the yarn:
Can you honestly say you didn't see this coming? It looks like fruity pebbles in the picture! Maybe they'll have another contest over at YKW? and you can enter. Take pictures, preferable with your mother wearing them. (OK your Step Father wearing them would be good too.)

And the gracious Jean said yesterday:
Delivery to China -- relax, I'd say, it won't get there for a while, but eventually it will. They tend to hold things in some sort of Chinese limbo for several weeks, to ripen them.
I agree. But what gets me on this is that if you check the USPS web site their list of Chinese cities which expedite mail delivery for their Global Priority mail service includes Anyang. This is expedited? At this point I just hope it gets there before Dave comes home in December.

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