Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I Got Nothing

I got nothing to share today. No pictures (I'm still knitting black socks, still have a sweater half sewn together), nothing exciting to talk about. I talked to Dave, and he had another music gig, playing at another mall. He still hasn't gotten his package. I think some Chinese customs worker may have just helped himself to his own little birthday gift. Or possibly the word "Priority" just has no meaning in China. (But they sure pushed Dave to get his stuff done asap. Sheesh. They could use a little of that kind of pressure at the Post Office, I think.)

I was the source of some serious amusement at our weekly staff meeting. Everyone made fun of me because I forgot to punch in from lunch before the meeting. This wouldn't be too bad, except I always forget to punch in. (When I managed to remember to punch for an entire pay period it was such a momentous occasion that the rest of the group got me a cake to celebrate.) But that's not all, it gets even better. I am the person who is responsible for overseeing all the timeclocks and maintaining the timekeeper software! (Well, it's not quite that bad. I'm not the sole person, I'm only nominally the "Go to" person.) We send out a report to all the Timekeepers listing everyone who's missing a punch and needs correcting. My supervisor asked that I not be listed anymore, it was too embarrassing.

I still haven't turned on the heat here. I'm hoping to go to the end of the month, but I may need to rethink this. I dreamed I was heading off on an Arctic expedition last night. (With my brother in law. ??) So maybe it's getting a bit nippy. It's really not that bad yet. Really. Just don't ask the Boys.

Hmmm. I could expound on something. But nothing comes to mind. I still have nothing. Maybe I'll have some epiphany in the middle of the night while I'm trekking through the frozen wasteland (With my brother in law? Where did that come from?) but it will probably just be the realization that I forgot to punch out. Again.


Celtic Queen said...

The Boys are only cold because they have no body fat, no natural insulators, to hold in all the heat. Make them wear hats and sweaters to bed!

Celtic Queen said...

Oh and something that Laurie is NOT remembering to say is that all the blogs you see in her "Blogs I Read" list are ones she avidly reads. If you see it here, she's read pretty much everything there.