Thursday, November 17, 2005


OK, so I'm going to knit the baby dress from Brown Sheep's Cotton Fine. Which means I have to call Patternworks and order a cone in red. So what else should I get? Maybe another cone in "Teddy" (tan) for more socks, and a couple of skeins of a worsted to make "One Skein Wonders" for my Evil Twin for Christmas. Hopefully if I order tonight it will be delivered in time for me to take it with me on vacation. So let's see...What else do I have to have for my Holiday knitting....I think that's it. I'm hoping to get at least one "One Skein Wonder" done while I'm on vacation so I can leave it with my Evil Twin and another little giftie done for my other sister (can't say what it is, don't want to ruin the surprise!) Then the baby dress by Dec. 11. I think I may be being optimisic, but if I buckle down on the weekends I still think I might make it. Still working on Younger Son's Halloween Birthday socks. I'm closing in on the end though, look:

Just when did his feet get so freaking BIG!?

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