Sunday, November 06, 2005

Blow Me Over

It's extremely windy here. Windy like I may not be able to walk in a straight line. Windy like I just saw an electrical line on the pole outside blow off (not mine, I still have power, but I think some of the neighbors are out.) Guess most of the leaves will come down tonight (although they're still hanging on pretty tight on the neighbor's tree).

Here are our weekend news highlights:

Friday was Knitting Knight at Barnes & Noble! They even put up a sign for us (too bad we saw it on our way out at the end of the night.) Here's a very dark picture of the Celtic Queen herself and her Fruity Pebbles Socks along with our sign. Notice the sign identifies us as a "friendly group of knitters". This is to differentiate us from the "Unfriendly Knitters" who meet at the same B&N on Thursdays who are a "Closed Group". Closed as in they won't welcome anyone new into their group. Yeah, whatever.

The Sons both spent the night Friday elsewhere so I was home all alone. Older Son was at a lock-in at the church and Younger Son was camping with the Boy Scouts. Here's their camp-site:

They were camping at the Library! How suburban is that!!?? At least the weather was great for them. More like camping in June than November.

And I cooked today! Any more a rare occurance around here. I think I watched too much Food Network. I made a Cuban inspired chicken dish served over mashed plantains. Mmmm. The Sons turned up their noses, so I get to eat it for lunch all week. Yippee!

Here's one more Fall picture, this is in my back yard (pre wind storm):
I'm still plugging away on my Halloween socks. I did a bit of seaming on Sports Team II at Knitting Knight, but still haven't finished. Kelly didn't show up with her latest FO so I had an excuse to procrastinate. But I did take this pic of the back for Holly to try and explain how I did my lettering: See, I stranded the yellow for the length of the word, (Fairisle technique) but stopped at the end of the word (intarsia technique). In a nutshell it means I carried the pattern color only where I needed it, not all the way to the end of the row.


hollyboc said...

Oh! I get it! Now I understand.
Thank you. :-)

Tonya said...

I don't get it but I have done stranding on a limited amount still not convinced my fairisle sweater (snowflakes across yoke) will fit my brother for Christmas oh well so he mails it back and I wear it the loss is are a very talented to get back to my mom's sweater ughfest!