Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm On A Roll

I know I'm going to win the PowerBall Lottery! I went to the Post Office at lunch and found out I could send Dave his birthday presents for only $17 (much better than the $114 UPS wanted) Global Priority. They say it should be delivered in 4-6 days, so that's plenty of time before his birthday (Halloween). If anyone else wants to send him birthday greetings his address is:

David Graham
Anyang Hotel
1 Youyi Road
Anyang, Henan 455000

(If you're sending goods you'll have to fill out a customs form, and note that all printed material [books & periodicals] must be screened in customs to make sure they're not "dangerous" so that will delay delivery.)

I heard from Dave, and he was on his way in to work -- the Governor's visit is today (right now!) He said they painted everything in honor of the visit. And guess what? Dave and one of the Australians working with him were chosen to be in the room when the governor is there. I told him to be polite. I still think they might try to blame all the delay on him...

On the way back from the Post Office I bought my lottery tickets then walked past Barnes & Noble and saw this in the window. The book I've just been waiting FOREVER for. And it was on sale too! I'm telling you, I'm on a roll!

In Knitting News, I'm working on the writing on the back of Sports Team II. I'll post another pic tomorrow when I have a bit more done. Maybe you'll be able to guess what it says.

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