Monday, October 17, 2005

Goodies, Bed Socks, and Sweater Backs

I got another package from my Pittsburgh Secret Pal! Whoo Hoo! Take a look and try not to be too envious...... It was here when I got home from work today, but after a bit of an internal struggle I decided to be an adult and wait until after dinner to open it. (When I could take the time to really enjoy everything.) Notice in the picture above, though, that I ripped the envelope in half to get the goodies out. And notice that the jelly bellies are already opened as well. There's hair bands, and a Halloween scrunchie, some stitch holders (how did you know I was tearing the house apart last week looking for some?), the jelly beans, some picture frames, and TA DA! Some SUPER sock yarn. I Love it!! Older Son has already started angling for it ("That yarn looks very masculine," he said. HA!) I can't wait to knit some socks for me, me, me! I haven't knit any socks for me since 2002! I will definately be showing some close-ups of these in progress.

AND, on a related note, I have just discovered the joy of sleeping in socks. Why did this never appeal to me before? Maybe because I haven't turned the heat on yet, maybe because I've always had that big heater, I mean husband in bed with me, but I find myself suddenly enamoured of bed socks. It makes all the difference. I'm not waking up freezing in the middle of the night, I'm nice and warm all night long. Add a hot water bottle and I may never turn the heat on.....

Ok, here's my progress on Sports Team II. This is the back. It's a bit curled up, but there's not much there. This is what I got done on the bus today and a little tonight. It looks awfully wide to me, but I was ok size-wise on the smaller sweater so I'm going to go for it. Bigger is better anyways with kids' things.

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hollyboc said...

I sleep in socks every night. I can't sleep without them. I started wearing them one winter and then couldn't stop even in the summer. I wear warm wooly ones in the winter and cotton ones in the summer. Watch out...there's no turning back!