Thursday, February 22, 2007

Da Stash

Celtic Queen e-mailed me today and asked about solid colored sock yarns, so I mentally shopped the stash for her. These are all the wool (well, the Senso is wool/cotton) sock yarns in solids that I knew I could lay my hands on right away. There's lots more patterned/multi yarns. Also more colors, but those are cottons (all the colors in the Fairisle Sampler Socks.) See why I'm Knitting from My Stash? She's not sure about any of these, so I'm going to the yarn shop (Ewe Can Knit) in town tomorrow to check out their selection for her. And in the Good News category, while rooting around in the stash to get these yarns I came across a skein of my main color for the LL sweater that had rolled onto the floor by the stash bins. So I may have enough of it after all.
ETA: That next to the last sentence just says way too much about me. Stash bins? (As in more than one.) And rolled to the floor where I didn't notice it until now??

I see that Others feel the same way I do about knitting, and what it brings to life. And Steven I had already started the second sock, but will keep your suggestion under advisement for the next time I make gloves.

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