Monday, February 19, 2007

Wilderness Fare

Here finally is the remainder of my loot from the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. I bought two needle cases, one for dpns and one for circs. Also, a hair stick, just because. At the top is the reworking of the LL sweater. I'm a bit further along, but that project is on hold temporarily due to an unfortunate orange juice accident. (I was not the culprit.) I rinsed immediately and the skein and sweater are now drying in my bedroom. Which frees me up a bit. So I decided to start a Stealth Project. The prototype will be for me. The final design is for someone kinda special. That is, of course, provided it works out. So I was off in search of some dpns. Since I was going through the stash I decided to sort them all out to put in my new case. I have 4 sets of #4 dpns, but only one that all match. Go figure. A couple sets of #3s also. The zipper in the case broke (immediately) so that was a bit of a disappointment. I was able to fix it with some pliers, but still.

In other news, Younger Son is giving a presentation to his class tomorrow on "Wilderness Survival Food". Here are his samples to hand out to his classmates: Mixed greens and blackberries and ground toasted pecans, apples, and honey. Everyone gets a taste in their own little baggies. It's not really "wild" food anyways, I got it at the supermarket. (I told the teacher I would, I didn't want any parents breathing down my neck about what I fed their kids.) But he's got a presentation board with pictures of foods that can be gathered in the woods. Most of which are greens, nuts, berries and fruit.

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