Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

I wanted to get a quick entry in before Blogger locked me out again. I tried earlier and got a "Servlet not available" message. Right. They just figured out I dissed the "New Blogger" yesterday.

I'm still slogging along on my prototype for my "Secret Project". I may run out of yarn. I have to search the stash for another skein. Hopefully I have one. If not, I may need to finish with a bit of the same yarn but in a different color. I could buy another skein of this (it's Moda Dea "Sassy Stripes" in the color "Lucky") which would be ok in the Knit From Your Stash 2007 rules of conduct, but I don't like it enough to make anything else out of it and don't really want another skein laying around the house (I estimate I'll only need a bit of one skein). So Frankenstein Project it will be.

And my sources tell me the helicopter circling was a result of a drug bust in the area last night. I, however, am fomenting the rumor that they were tracking the elusive Carrick Mountain Lion. (We live right at the border of Carrick.) Actually, I have to credit Dave with this one. That's what he said when he came in last night with Younger Son. I've told several people I thought that's what it was all about, and they ate it right up. So if anyone asks you, you can tell them I told you.

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Patricia said...

I too think it was the Carrick Mountain Lion! Any alley cats around you who could be letting her hide out with them? A co-worker and I had determined the elusive creature was a female and was 8 years old.