Monday, February 26, 2007


Ok, I have issues with the new Blogger. I have been unsuccessful in leaving comments in two blogs, Heather's and Steven's. So I'm going to post my comments here. Actually, I suspect I may have been overly successful at Steven's blog and left 27 comments, he just deleted them all. If so, my apologies -- It kept saying it wasn't posting!! Honest! First off, my comment to you, Heather was that I haven't seen anyone who upgraded who did not have problems. The same problems you're having. So until I'm dragged, kicking and screaming by my hair...I'm not upgrading.

And Steven, about the moving stitches around on the needles when you're knitting socks. You are absolutely correct, this is a great technique and there's a reason you do it. It is to prevent a line of looser stitches at the needle breaks in your sock. Look carefully at the picture below:
See the very faint line in the center of the foot? (It's more noticeable on the sock on the bottom.) That's where my needle break was. You avoid this by shifting your stitches around on the needles every round. I don't do it because, well, because I'm a slacker (what can I say? The kid comes by it naturally) and also because these are just socks. The stitches should even themselves out after a couple of washes. And if not? Well, they're just socks.
Here's my Secret Project. So far so good, I'm pretty happy with it. If this prototype works out I'm moving on to the good stuff.

On the Local News front, there was what appeared to be a police helicopter circling my neighborhood for about an hour tonight looking for something. Older Son and I stood outside gawking at it for awhile before I realised that a police helicopter would be looking for someone and that it might be a good idea for us to get inside and lock the doors. I turned all the lights on too, so as to look uninviting to fugitives. By the time Dave and Younger Son got home from Boy Scouts the 'copter was pretty much circling over our backyard. It kept circling and looking, moving slowly off. I have no idea what it was all about. Nothing on TV or on any of the local news webpages. Maybe on the morning news.

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