Thursday, February 08, 2007


Moving right along, I've managed to make some progress on most fronts. I've only taken 1 (one) Aleve today (instead of the 4 I was taking.) Maybe none tomorrow, and my knees are feeling a little better. I'm thinking it may have been some exercises I was doing. I stopped and the pain has been subsiding since. I managed to knit a bit more than 2 rows on the Ugly Fairisle glove today. I'm about to put the thumb gusset on a holder. My car will be out of the shop next Wednesday, my dad says he's doing ok, Older Son brought home the paper he needs signed to further his application process at college, and Younger Son finished his homework (at least as far as we can ascertain.) My company has been bought out(they announced today). I'm uncertain whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. And my boss is buying us all lunch next week (again, not sure good or bad). I made chocolate cake, though.

Still thinking about my next project. Noro? More cables? More Fairisle? Plain, regular blue? Mindless? Complicated? I'm thinking something for me, so that's the Noro or the Lopi-Alike. And some socks. The Boyfriend Socks? Jaywalker? Hmmm. Gotta get the Ugly Fairisle glove done first to clear the needles. Maybe I'll finish this weekend.

Speaking of which, Celtic Queen and I along withHeather(I hope) will be at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet festival. Also there will be Steven, who is teaching children as well as performing with his 102 foot scarf. If you see us (CQ has red hair, and we'll be the rowdy ones) say Hello. I'm pretty shy in "real" life, but persevere and you can be rowdy too. (Now I'll be walking around all day Saturday saying "I said we'd be rowdy, do something rowdy.")

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Celtic Queen said...

Why do I always have to be the rowdy one? And while you're "shy" I talk to everyone so people should be able to approach us. Now if they really want to... well that's another story. :)